AF Association Global AF Aware Week 2019 (GAFAW) is an annual awareness week that brings attention to the most common arrhythmia (heart rhythm disorder), Atrial Fibrillation or AF, which can affect adults of any age. Our "Detect, Protect, Correct & Perfect" campaign aims to easily detect AF with a simple 30-second pulse check preventing  AF-related stroke or heart failure. 


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AF can be detected easily with a simple manual pulse check that only takes 30 seconds. 

If pulse checks were routine, thousands of lives could be saved every year. Our Know Your Pulse (KYP) program has led to significant advances in awareness, policy and the management of heart rhythm disorders. We continue our efforts through GAFAW and encourage the early detection of AF to prevent AF-related strokes and heart failure.

To learn how to check your pulse, please click here.

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For further information on AF Association Global AF Aware Week, contact c.shumway@heartrhythmalliance.org.

Many thanks to Screen & Display Creative Print Solutions for kindly donating car decals to support AF Association Global AF Aware Week.

We gladly accept sponsorships or donations to support our life-saving work during GAFAW 2019. 

If you would like more information please contact: r.harris@heartrhythmalliance.org


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