Catheter ablation

Pabitra's story

Pabitra diagnosed himself with AF after checking his pulse, but it wasn't as easy to convince his GP or local cardiologist. It was only when he saw heart rhythm specialist, Dr Kim Rajappan at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford that he received treatment. Pabitra's story is testament to how important pulse checks are to detect AF, and the lack of awareness of this arrhythmia.

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Sue's story

Sue describes her journey of AF discovery and finally receiving an ablation: from misdiagnosis to cardioversion and beyond.

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Rupert's story

Time waiting for help and treatment impacted on Rupert’s health, work and life style. Then one day, Rupert found himself AF free.

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Mark's experience of Atrial Fibrillation and Ablation

I had my ablation in October 2009 and fortunately for me the area of my atria requiring ablation was actually on the right side of my heart, in 45 minutes I was done and haven’t had been in AF for 18 months now.

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Harry had endured symptomatic AF for many years.

Drug therapy had initially helped, but when he found himself in long-term persistent AF his EP and GP agreed that his own long term persistent AF was still a very suitable candidate for ablation to relieve symptoms. A clinical decision to improve his quality of life.

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Rich was young, fit and active when he first experienced episodes of Atrial Fibrillation.

His account recalls the long journey which lead him to specialists, looking at his diet and possible triggers to a catheter ablation and his subsequent recovery from this procedure.

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Taking time to recover after an ablation, Mark’s experiences.

I’m pretty fit, but I think a week is the minimum before carrying out light work, and at least two weeks before more exercise.

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My AF Story – Revd. Ted

Revd. Ted reflects how referral to an informed specialists and prompt treatments have helped to suppress his AF and allowed him to return to a full and active life.

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