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Defibs Save Lives

AED saves referee's life at high school basketball game

An Automated External Defibrillator is something that people use to shock someone's heart. After seeing it first-hand, the school is now buying a few more AEDs to put in other key areas around the school. And they're making sure the used one is working again. "And one thing I learned from this process, ...

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New smartphone app could save lives when sudden cardiac arrest occurs in public place

A new smartphone app is set to turn B.C. bystanders into potential life-savers when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs in a public place. BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) launched the free PulsePoint application on Wednesday throughout the province. It provides vital information in the case of ...

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Can a smartwatch save your life?

... or too low - bradycardia) as well as disturbances of rhythm (arrhythmias). Consumer HR monitors are making claims that they can identify arrhythmias such as Atrial Fibrillation (AF) where the heart beats irregularly. If found early and treated with blood thinning drugs, this can reduce the risk of strokes.” ...

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'Every time I even take a breath, I'm thankful for all of them'

Immediately, at least 10 of her co-workers set to work taking turns delivering CPR and care through one of the school's automated external defibrillators. For 12 long minutes, they watched — and prayed — as they fought for her life. “It's all a blur really,” said Travis Herb, a physical education teacher who ...

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Oregon Man Saved by Quick CPR and Use of AED by Coworker After Cardiac Arrest

Andy's heart didn't experience any muscle damage due to the cardiac arrest, something doctors attributed to the fast actions of bystanders initiating CPR and using the AED. The emotional toll of the incident was more difficult, Andy said, because he still doesn't know what caused his cardiac arrest.

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Dental office saves life of patient in cardiac arrest with AED, first aid

In his 17 years as a dentist, Robert Camenzuli has seen allergic reactions, chest pains and seizures cycle through his office. But this January came with a first—a 53-year-old patient who went into cardiac arrest. The patient, Alvin Uzee, arrived to get two fillings at Camenzuli's office Jan. 4, but the routine ...

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Survival From In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Improves But Still Worse on Nights and Weekends

Response: Patients who suffer in-hospital cardiac arrest at nights and during weekends (off-hours) are known to have lower rates of survival to hospital discharge, compared to their counterparts who have cardiac arrest during the daytime on weekdays (on-hours). Since overall survival to hospital ...

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'The most terrifying thing I've ever done:' Mom trained in CPR saves son's life

Doctors later determined that Michael has Long QT Syndrome, a heart rhythm disorder that can cause fast, chaotic heartbeats. During Michael's visit, a surgeon asked Stephanie a question about Michael's incident that caught her off-guard. "It was, 'why do we all know CPR?' And I kind of looked at him ...

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Driver's life saved with AED

Responders helped save a life with an automated external defibrillator (AED) when a driver was in cardiac arrest Wednesday. Cookeville Police Officer Justin Long and firefighter Travis Lee were off duty when a bystander flagged them down near Broad Street for help, according to the PCSO news ...

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Four Recognized for Saving Man's Life With CPR in Afton

On November 6, 2017, 70-year-old Bruce Dailey collapsed during a lifeguard certification class after suffering from a heart attack. The four women quickly sprang into action to perform CPR and give Dailey three shocks with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) before getting taken to the hospital.

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